Legislature deadlines imminent

The House and Senate have spent all week in their respective chambers voting on bills. By Monday, March 7, any bill that doesn’t earn 51 percent of the votes from the chamber where it originated is, for all intents and purposes, deceased.

Then for the next few weeks the House and Senate swap bills and start the process over. The Senate hears House bills in committees; the house does the same with Senate bills. Here is some of the work coming up next week.

Tuesday, March 8

Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development will hear

  • SHB 1822 – Establishing the first nonprofit online university.
  • HB 1424 – Regarding administrative consistency in student financial aid programs.

Wednesday, March 9

House Higher Education will hold a work session on the policy impacts of proposed budget cuts on baccalaureate institutions. Representatives of baccalaureate institutions will describe the effects of cuts in state funding of 15% and 30%, including possible effects on:

  • mix of students (low, middle, high income, other demographics trend changes? Ethnicity, age?)
  • the institution: e.g. types of Programs offered, Services that may be provided, financial aid, counseling, other?
  • student outcomes: e.g. time to degree, number of degrees conferred, retention, etc.

Senate Early Learning & K-12 will conduct public hearing on the following:

  • SHB 1524 – Recognizing the international baccalaureate diploma.
  • SHB 1600 – Concerning elementary math specialists.
  • SHB 1710 – Creating a strategic plan for career and technical education. (If measure is referred to committee.)

Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development will hold a study session on the Governor’s proposed higher education budget, including comments from the institutions of higher education describing the impacts of the Governors budget proposal, which reduces funding for CWU by 25%.

Thursday, March 10

House Higher Education will hold a work session on the policy impacts of budget cuts on community and technical colleges, including comments from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and Presidents from Community and Technical Colleges.

House Education Appropriations & Oversight will hold a work session on alternative learning education programs.

Friday, March 11

Higher Education & Workforce Development will hold a public hearing on

  • HB 1221 – Regarding the rights of certain higher education students involved in military service.
  • SHB 1608 – Modifying the opportunity internship program.
  • HB 1477 – Authorizing the board of trustees at Eastern Washington University to offer educational specialist degrees.

About Linda Schactler

Linda is the former Director of Communications for the Washington State Senate, and former deputy director of the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board. From 2000 through 2010 Linda was the proprietor of Schactler Communications, an Olympia-based public affairs business. She holds a master of arts in English literature from Washington University in St. Louis. Linda can be reached at her Ellensburg office schactler@cwu.edu, 509-963-1384, or on her cell phone, 509-607-4103.
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