Coming Up in Week Four of the 2011 Legislative Session

This week the state legislature will consider bills that change higher education governance, lift restrictions on higher education hiring and travel, and allow academic credit for prior learning. Those are just a few of the subjects that will draw attention during a week that will take President Gaudino before the state’s largest newspapers and the Capital Press Corps.

Meantime Ann and Steve will hustle to meetings with nearly 20 legislators:

  • Representatives: Maxwell, Dahlquist, Stanford, Hargrove, Dammeier, Parker, Seaquist, Warnick, Crouse, Liias, Hope, Hasegawa, Zeiger, Reykdal
  • Senators: King, Becker, Fain, Tom

Here are some highlights of the week ahead.

Monday, Jan. 31

Presidents of CWU, EWU, WWU, and TESC meet with editors at the Seattle Times and News Tribune (Tacoma).

 The House Higher Education Committee will hear the following bills:

  • HB 1394 – Enacting the college efficiency and savings act.
  • HB 1522 – Regarding academic credit for prior learning.
  • HB 1525 – Regarding recognition of common course numbering at institutions of higher education.

Tuesday, February 1

 House Education Appropriations & Oversight will hold a work session on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards program.

Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development will hear the following bills:

  • SB 5136 – Establishing the first nonprofit online university.
  • SB 5287 – Creating an independent four-year polytechnical college and an investment district to finance it.

House Education 

HB 1412 – Regarding mathematics end-of-course assessments.

  • HB 1410 – Regarding science end-of-course assessments.
  • HB 1330 – Adjusting high school assessments as graduation requirements.
  • HB 1463 – Eliminating the use of statewide assessments as a high school graduation requirement.

    Wednesday, February 2 

The College Promise Coalition news conference at 9:30 a.m. on the steps of the capital will include all public baccalaureate presidents except the UW, coalition partners and sponsors, and others. The goal of the coalition is to call attention to the crisis in higher education funding and to support the recommendations of the governor’s Higher Education Funding Task Force.

 Friday, February 4

 The Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee will hold a work session on state financial aid and will hear SB 5462, which shifts responsibility for administering state and federal financial aid for community colleges from the HECB to the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.  

House Environment Committee will hold a work session on how science informs policy and will hear HB 1307, concerning standards for the use of science to support public policy.


About Linda Schactler

Linda is the former Director of Communications for the Washington State Senate, and former deputy director of the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board. From 2000 through 2010 Linda was the proprietor of Schactler Communications, an Olympia-based public affairs business. She holds a master of arts in English literature from Washington University in St. Louis. Linda can be reached at her Ellensburg office, 509-963-1384, or on her cell phone, 509-607-4103.
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